The ostrich is interpreted on the energetic level as well as the emu and the Nando. They are fast animals that remind us of the responsibility assumed.  In search of truth and justice, doors open.

The ostrich, emu and nandu are flightless ratites. Although the animal species are not closely related, they have a comparable appearance and lead a similar way of life. Ostriches live in Africa, emus are native to Australia, and nandus come from South America. Herbivores are diurnal and live together in herds or groups.

Differences among the animals are found in weight and body size. Ostriches weigh 70-150 kg and grow up to 2.7 meters tall. Nandus come to 25 kg weight with a size of up to 1.5 meters. Emus have a weight of 50 kg at the same body size. Natural enemies of ostriches include leopards and lions. Emus are hunted by dingoes and foxes. The Nandu has to protect itself from the jaguar as well as the puma.

Power Animal Ostrich

The power animal ostrich increases the general pace of life. The events will overturn and rapid changes will occur. There is with this power animal the possibility to overcome an existing standstill. Thus, nothing more stands in the way of further development.

Positive Consideration

The ostrich, as well as the emu and the nandu bring vigilance and strength. The energetic companions help in recognizing the truth. Wise decisions are made, which do justice. In addition, fellow human beings or other power-sapping energy sources can be kept at a distance.

Negative Consideration

The power animal ostrich is flightless. If you want to completely escape from a situation, you will learn that there are limits to doing so. Running away is possible, but literally taking off or being out of reach will not happen as a result. Assumed tasks should be fulfilled until clarification is made. Alternatively, compromise must occur or a substitute must be provided.

Dream Interpretation Ostrich

In dream interpretation, the bouquet is a signal for looking. Looking at reality should not be avoided under any circumstances. Giving up will not be an option. Those who are ready to critically examine the current developments will experience success and achieve all goals.

Positive Aspects

If the running animal appears in the dream, changes are to be expected. For deadlocked situations there are new glimmers of hope. A previous state of hopelessness is overcome. The processes move forward so that an improvement of the circumstances is possible.

Negative Aspects

If the dreamer wishes to evade responsibility in a matter, he should reconsider these plans. He can temporarily get out of the affair, but ultimately he will be held accountable. Therefore, it is advisable to find a solution together with all parties involved.