The pheasant is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and fertility. The animal brings on the energetic level the beauty and satisfaction with oneself and the current circumstances of life.

The pheasant is a bird that is classified among the chicken birds. The herbivore and insectivore lives in Europe, Asia, North America and New Zealand. The colorful feathered animal prefers regions where there are numerous hiding places. Therefore, it can be found in forests and pastures with undergrowth or hedges.

The pheasant strides over the land with long legs. If possible, it spends the night in trees or in good hiding places on the ground. Its vocal repertoire is particularly striking. Natural enemies of the diurnal bird include the marten, fox and goshawk.

Power Animal Pheasant

The pheasant brings happiness and prosperity. In the energetic work with this power animal unfold wealth and beauty. Since the power animal is a symbol of fertility, projects or plans will be successful.

Positive Consideration

The power animal pheasant encourages to pursue the creative thoughts. Nothing stands in the way of success. The concretization of ideas, visions and impulses will create something new. Thus an improvement of the present life situation is to be expected.

Negative Consideration

The darker sides of the power animal include vanity and pretentiousness. Pride, arrogance and haughtiness are associated with the pheasant. Taking oneself more important than everything else will lead to disturbances in togetherness. In addition, the focus is too much on material energy and status.

Dream Interpretation Pheasant

In dream interpretation, the pheasant is considered a sign of health and life energy. The well-being improves and the beautiful sides of life show themselves. The dreamer has positive and pleasant experiences in the coming hours or days.

Positive Aspects

Prosperity and luck brings the feathered fowl. The bird indicates that professional and personal projects will have a positive development. Success returns and will lead to the release of feelings of happiness.

Negative Aspects

Vanity and showing off will lead to problems. The dreamer should examine his behavior and beware of boasting about his wealth or valuables to other people.

Runes assignment

The rune Berkana is assigned to the pheasant. Through it, the development from birth to rebirth is transported. In addition, it protects against negative energies.