The tanuki or raccoon dog brings the loyalty, self-reflection and vitality. One’s instincts lead the way and at the same time friendship and loyalty are rewarded.

The raccoon dog is also called tanuki, fruit dog or enok. The predator belongs to the family of dogs and is related to foxes. Visually, there are similarities to raccoons and martens, although it has no kinship with these animals. The shy and nocturnal animal is found in the east and west of Europe, mainly in forests or underwoods.

The monogamous animal often lives an entire life with one partner. The young are raised in fox or badger dens. The omnivores feed on fruits, berries or nuts, for example, but also on snails, insects, mice, moles, fish, toads, birds, eggs or carrion. The quadruped is not a classic hunter. Rather, it leisurely roams its territory and finds sufficient food. Its natural enemies include the lynx or the tiger.

Power Animal Tanuki

The power animal tanuki embodies loyalty and reliability. The companion is a trustworthy partner in all situations in life. He gives support, orientation and protection. As a team, challenges are mastered and successes celebrated. If necessary, conflicts with others can be endured by the energetic support of this animal and own interests can be defended.

Positive Consideration

With this power animal there is a stable partner in life. Calmly and with perseverance the coming steps are gone. The joint strength makes the self-confidence grow and wipes away doubts. The quadruped can assert itself and prevail against adversaries.

Negative Consideration

Loyalty to another person is not always the best choice. A third opinion or justified objections of others are not heard. This can lead to a possible erroneous path not being recognized or identified as such.

Dream Interpretation Tanuki

In dream interpretation, the tanuki brings vitality and energy. Instinctively, decisions are made and plans are made together with a partner, friend or colleague. The togetherness is promising, because there is a mutual complementation. Therefore, the forces should be bundled.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer can rely on another person. In love, the four-legged friend means that the right partner is already there or will enter life shortly. Together all situations can be mastered.

Negative Aspects

The four-legged friend holds up a mirror to one’s own misdeeds. Self-reflection and a critical examination of past decisions should take place. Important learning lessons are drawn from mistakes – therefore they contain an opportunity for change.