A weekday has an influence in astrology and are taken into account accordingly when interpreting a horoscope. Each day is assigned a different planet, so that its basic energies have an influence. General Meaning Through the days of the week, astrologers receive further indications of certain qualities and fundamental dynamics. These are taken into account weiterlesen | read more:


Many people associate Monday with a negative meaning. It often marks the beginning of a new busy week with obligations, deadline pressure and hardly any free time. General Meaning The energies of the day are not always easy to handle, because often with it there is a shift from leisure to commitment. We are altogether weiterlesen | read more:


Tuesday is a day full of vigor, energy and verve. On this day the world can be changed. The basic energy of the day is characterized by drive and zeal. General Meaning With Tuesday, the general pace of life picks up. We become more active both internally and externally. Our drive is strengthened and we weiterlesen | read more:


Wednesday represents the middle of the week. With this day, many people experience a feeling of an inner turnaround. The weekend comes within reach and with it the time for leisure activities increases in many cases. General Meaning The energy of the day is characterized by communication. This can be verbal as well as non-verbal. weiterlesen | read more:


Thursday is carried by basically pleasant energies. However, these can also become too much. General Meaning Thursday is entirely under the influence of growth and development. Expansion is sought on various levels and pursued with all the cells of the body. The basic energy of the weekday is characterized by happy moments, the increase of weiterlesen | read more:


For many people, Friday automatically allows stress to fall away and thoughts to wander to the pleasant activities of life. The beautiful things in life get more attention from us and want to be noticed. General Meaning As the last day of the week, Friday has positive associations for many people. Hours of enjoyment and weiterlesen | read more:


Saturday is a pleasant day for most people. The weekend is ushered in with it. General Meaning Saturday brings us back to our strength. It provides a stability and the establishment of our own strength. The energies of this day are described as powerful. Discipline and the will to achieve goals are expressed more on weiterlesen | read more:


Sunday is the most beautiful day of the week for many people in our region. At the same time, it can also be perceived as exhausting and stressful. General Meaning Sunday is considered the day to rebuild energy reserves. We often sleep late, move slower and schedule few appointments. Recreation or time for regenerating activities weiterlesen | read more: