The aardvark points us to existing longings or drives. Loner behavior and decisions are also symbolized by the animal.

The aardvark is also called the African anteater. The mammal has similarities with the armadillo in its way of life. The nocturnal quadruped is native to Africa and lives mainly in semi-deserts, savannahs or grasslands. Although it has a good distribution on the African continent, the animal is considered inconspicuous and little studied.

The aardvark is a solitary animal and spends most of the day foraging. Its diet consists exclusively of ants and termites. Its natural enemies include hyenas, leopards, lions and wild dogs. In addition, humans use the animals for meat consumption, as they are similar in taste to pigs.

Power Animal Aardvark

The power animal aardvark is an indication of a solitary behavior. The forces and attention are completely directed to the own development as well as the own needs. There is no external support in solving challenges or problems, because the own instincts are to be sharpened and the competences are to be expanded.

Positive Consideration

With the aardvark, a soothing retreat from obligations and abundance is at hand. The view is directed to the essential points and aspects of life. Hustle and bustle decrease. The power animal acts from the background and sends support from there.

Negative Consideration

The power animal aardvark warns against behavior that the environment does not tolerate. The exclusion of the community is the consequence of a lack of openness and exchange among themselves. There is a threat of misunderstandings or unspoken disturbances in interpersonal ties.

Dream Interpretation Aardvark

In dream interpretation, the aardvark brings time for oneself. Retreat and space for the fulfillment of their own needs are indicated. The mammal can take good care of itself and needs little to be satisfied.

Positive Aspects

If the aardvark appears in a dream, it indicates existing longings, desires and needs. The dreamer should and can turn completely to the fulfillment of the burgeoning desires.

Negative Aspects

The loner warns of an ambush, a ruse or an intrigue. The dreamer should keep a closer eye on the environment to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation.