Armadillo brings the protection, delimitation and security. With its armored exterior, the protector is there for all who want to work with him energetically.

Armadillos live in dry and open areas in the Americas. Savannas, steppes and deserts are among their preferred regions. The ground dwellers are mammals with armored horn scales on their backs. These protect the nocturnal loners in dangerous situations.

In addition to insects, lizards, plants, carrion and mice, pangolins also feed on ants, spiders or grasshoppers. Their predators include the jaguar, cougar or free-living dogs as well as cats. Armadillos claw their way into the ground when in danger. Some species can also curl up to protect their vulnerable abdomen.

Power Animal Armadillo

The power animal armadillo brings delimitation and protection on the energetic level. As soon as a threatening situation arises, the scales ensure sufficient security. Concentration should be directed to one’s own powers and survival mechanisms. No development will be so difficult that it could not be overcome.

Positive Consideration

The power animal supports in the demarcation from energy guzzlers and exploiters. In everyday life, demands are often made without sufficient consideration. With the quadruped succeeds from now on the drawing of a boundary line. The armadillo helps to be able to turn completely to his own will and not to be taken by others.

Negative Consideration

With the power animal comes isolation and withdrawal. The quadruped must do without the help of others and assert itself. His wishes are often ignored and are not taken into account by others in everyday life. In addition, he is accused of egocentricity and selfishness. He also responds little to the needs of his fellow men.

Dream Interpretation Armadillo

If the armadillo appears in a dream, the dreamer can enjoy sufficient protection in everyday life. Nothing bad will happen to him, even if a difficult situation develops.

Positive Aspects

The four-legged friend helps to avoid getting bogged down. The concentration on the essential aspects of a project, a task or a seminar succeeds. Necessary free space arises when the dreamer remains completely with himself.

Negative Aspects

Misunderstandings and conflicts threaten in the interpersonal area. The armadillo retreats when it seeks peace and protection. In doing so, it does not question the motivation of the supposed troublemakers. Many misinterpret the behavior and therefore feel the rejection of the dreamer before the head.