Thorny Devil

The thorny devil promotes extraordinary developments and the exchange with like-minded people. He reminds us to focus on the most necessary things in life. Less is more.

Thorn devils are also called desert devils or juggernauts. The reptile lives in dry and hot areas of Australia. The lizards has orange-red spines on its body and feeds mainly on insects such as ants that appear on the ground in front of it. The diurnal animals are solitary and at the same time enjoy sunbathing in company or can be found in pairs in desert areas. Their appearance is rather sluggish and slow. The locomotion is jerky and the tail is carried curved upwards.

The threatening looking desert animals are neither poisonous nor dangerous. The outer impression is deceptive. The structure of the scaled coat allows the animal to absorb water droplets from dew, mist and rain and conduct it from the structure of the body surface to the mouth. Natural enemies of the thorny devil include monitor lizards, birds of prey, snakes, foxes and dingoes.

Power Animal Thorny Devil

The power animal thorny devil gives protection and promotes unusual qualities. If the power animal appears, interesting talents could develop or the attention is directed to so far well hidden abilities. The time has come when self-doubt is pushed aside and the self-discovery process is triggered.

Positive Consideration

Being underestimated by others can be advantageous. This left enough room to gain experience and explore possible limits. Now it’s a matter of going outward with the inner forces and letting others share in them. Still waters are considered deep and this is now becoming apparent.

Negative Consideration

The power animal is a sign of deception. Too long a protective shield was built up and other people were kept away. This has led to isolation, which was actually not wanted that way. It is difficult to welcome the closeness of other people. A process of change is now on the horizon.

Dream Interpretation Thorny Devil

If the cloaked dragon appears in a dream, the camouflage should no longer be maintained. Mostly attitudes, opinions or decisions were not shared with other people or existing abilities no one should know. This will now change.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer will keep a cool head even in an emotionally intense time or heated situation. He does not get carried away even when things get hectic and stressful. This brings prestige to the fellow human beings and makes the dreamer a crisis manager, as he can make level-headed decisions even in stormy times.

Negative Aspects

Within a partnership or interpersonal relationship there may be turbulence because the dreamer does not open up enough. It is difficult to allow compassion, empathy or closeness. This causes incomprehension and resentment.