The dipper is a reminder of the promotion of one’s talents. It brings the flexibility and helps to better adapt to current life circumstances.

The dipper belongs to the songbirds. Contrary to its name, it is not related to the blackbird. One of its closest relatives is the wren. The bird is about the size of a starling and is often found near bodies of water. Dippers are the only songbirds that can swim and dive. This peculiarity belongs to the feathered animal as well as permanent bobbing.

Their diet consists of small fish, water larvae, water fleas or water snails, and spiders or psyllids. Their predators include hawks, weasels or sparrowhawks. Caution is also advised against foxes or rats, as these animals raid the nests of the dippers.

Power Animal Dipper

The power animal dipper promotes one’s own talents and abilities. The songbird brings joie de vivre and stimulates emotional cleansing processes. One’s own feelings should be looked at more closely and questioned. It helps if developments of one’s own life are accompanied with positive thoughts or affirmations.

Positive Consideration

In joint activities or the implementation of ideas, the dipper makes it clear that personal strengths can bring the joint project another significant step forward. It is important to trust your intuition and use your personal strengths for the good of all.

Negative Consideration

Shyness or reticence can become a problem. Everyone’s interests must be taken into account so that a good solution can be found to current challenges.

Dream Interpretation Dipper

In dream interpretation, the dipper is a sign of a wise approach. With looseness and ease of life, challenges can be overcome. The dreamer has special talents that give him an advantage in the current situation.

Positive Aspects

Among like-minded people and people with comparable interests or competencies, the dipper shows the individual differences. Within a community or group, it is the subtle differences that are currently in demand. Especially in joint projects or in the professional field, the dreamer should contribute his skills more.

Negative Aspects

Noble reserve or a strong modesty can lead to a disadvantageous development. Shyness is out of place, otherwise a competitor may benefit from the reservedness of the dreamer.