The bull is a powerful and strong creature. Following his stature, he can appear impulsive and assertive. The masculine and thus the masculine strength are expressed by him. Overview The name bull is synonymous with the taurus. Both are a male sexually mature cattle. A castrated male bovine is called a ox, but since it weiterlesen | read more:


The bumblebee reminds us that the impossible can become true. It is living proof that physical laws are reduced to absurdity. The insect also brings the ability to orientate. Overview Bumblebees belong to the true bee family. The cozy flower visitors live in temperate and cooler regions of the northern hemisphere. The insects live in weiterlesen | read more:


The butterfly is the symbol of metamorphosis. It announces phases of complete change. At the same time it brings colorfulness and lightness. The butterfly exists worldwide in over 160,000 different species. In the insect kingdom, it is one of the most diverse animals, along with the beetle family. With the exception of Antarctica, it can weiterlesen | read more:


The buzzard is a vigilant and attentive creature. With him the introspection, the power of observation and the sense of responsibility come into our lives. Overview The buzzard is a bird of prey from the hawk family. The short-tailed sea hawk is visually difficult to distinguish from an eagle. The birds prefer open landscapes, meadows weiterlesen | read more:


The camel expresses moderation and perseverance on the energetic level. The developments progress only slowly. Short-term spontaneous actions remain unsuccessful. Overview Camels belong to the mammals. The quadrupeds are assigned to the genus of cloven-hoofed animals. The large and ruminant animals are found in warm to hot regions. Camels are divided into dromedaries and bactrian weiterlesen | read more:

Canada Goose

The Canada Goose brings cohesion and promotes family togetherness. It stands for loyalty, reliability and shared strength. Overview Canada geese belong to the Anatidae. This species of goose is the most widespread in the world. Originally from North America, they are most common in England. They mainly live in groups and can be found near weiterlesen | read more:


The cancer, crab or lobster ask to take a closer look at the existing feelings and to question them. Decisions are to be made according to the emotional sensitivities. Overview The crab is an arthropod. It is one of the creatures on earth that has been an inhabitant of our planet since time immemorial. Its weiterlesen | read more:


The capercaillie brings love into life on the energetic level like hardly any other animal. In addition, he stands for fertility and prosperity. Overview The capercaillie belongs to the chicken birds and the pheasant family. The resident bird is native to Europe and northern Asia. It does not like forest areas where the trees are weiterlesen | read more:


Capricorn reminds us of our own will. The stronger this is, the more likely it is that goals will be achieved. Growth takes place when all efforts are purposeful. Overview Ibexes like mountains, rocks and stony slopes. They climb steep walls and mountain slopes in a herd. In summer they are found in higher areas. weiterlesen | read more:


Cardinal is a colorful and cheerful bird. He brings the joy of life and liveliness into life. The trusting animal stands for communication. Overview Cardinals are passerine birds and native to North and Central America. The Red Cardinal or Red Cardinal is the best known of its species and is very conspicuous with its red weiterlesen | read more:


The cat is freedom-loving, cuddly and one of the most popular pets. Due to its abilities, it is also a very popular creature on the energetic level. Overview Cats trigger a less fearful association in direct comparison with dogs. Their popularity, perhaps for this reason, exceeds that of the vigilant four-legged friend. The cats are weiterlesen | read more:


The caterpillar is a sign of impending change and transformation. A transformation process is in its initial stage and is triggered with this animal companion. Overview Caterpillars are the larvae of butterflies or other insects. A creature is titled a caterpillar when it is in the feeding stage. In this stage, they eat only leaves weiterlesen | read more: