Catfish warns against a superficial appearance and advises introspection. Feelings should be checked, because appearances are sometimes deceptive. Overview The catfish or catfish lives in the Baltic Sea or the Black Sea. Some varieties are also found in Spanish waters. It prefers warm waters and is mostly found on the bottom. The nocturnal and crepuscular weiterlesen | read more:


The centaur is a mythical creature and symbolizes the strength of will, struggle and assertiveness. He combines the natural instincts with the intellect. Overview The centaur is also called centaur or horse man. The mythical creature has the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. The hybrid creature originates from weiterlesen | read more:


The centipede is a symbol of order and concentration. The insect shows the possibility of coordination despite various influencing factors. Overview The millipede is a arthropod and is found almost worldwide. It prefers areas with temperate or tropical climate. To ensure its survival, it requires moisture and darkness. It is therefore often found under rotten weiterlesen | read more:


Chaffinch is a songbird that announces good news and new developments. With him the joy of life and fun returns to life. Overview Chaffinches belong to the sparrow family. The songbirds live in Europe to Siberia and in North Africa. Visually, the females differ clearly from the males. The latter have a much more colorful weiterlesen | read more:


The chameleon has a unique ability to change. Within a few minutes, it can visually adapt to the environment and thus camouflage itself optimally. Overview The chameleon has a unique ability to change. Within minutes it can optically adapt to the environmentaAs a master of camouflage and deception, the chameleon can perfectly adapt optically to weiterlesen | read more:


The chamois is a symbol of the desire for freedom. The animal reminds of the helpful knowledge of the herbs from nature. Overview Chamois live in the Alps, the Balkans and the Caucasus. The strong legs of the hoofed animals help them to move over stony and mountainous landscapes. The high mountains serve as a weiterlesen | read more:


The cheetah is fast, an excellent hunter and has a responsiveness that leaves others speechless. The big cat recognizes opportunities and attacks in a flash. Overview The cheetah is a predator and belongs to the family of cats. It lives in Africa and there exclusively in steppes and savannas. It avoids areas with a lot weiterlesen | read more:


A chick symbolizes innocence and purity. They are a sign of carefreeness and can announce family growth. Overview Chicks are young animals of chickens, ducks or birds. They have a cuddly downy feather dress and act clumsy. They wear the plumage for a few weeks until it is replaced by feathers. The young birds call weiterlesen | read more:


The chicken symbolically expresses the vitality and vigilance. The morning wake-up call of the animal announces the beginning of the day and thus the start of everyday obligations. Overview The chicken is one of the most familiar creatures in our environment. It serves as a signaller, for food and thanks to its plumage can be weiterlesen | read more:


The chinchilla encourages us to face current challenges and literally bite our way through current or upcoming challenges. Overview Chinchillas are related to porcupines and guinea pigs. The rodent is also called a woolly mouse and is widespread worldwide as a pet. However, the four-legged friends are rarely found in the wild. There are short-tailed weiterlesen | read more:


The coati brings strength, courage and promotes socializing. With him intuitive decisions will increase. Overview The coati is a predator, belongs to the family of small bears and is a marten relative. The quadruped lives mainly in groups, with the aggressive males being excluded from the community and then becoming solitary animals. The animals spend weiterlesen | read more:


The cobra is a symbol of healing or healing power. The animal writhes along a staff and looks with her gaze forward at the viewer forcefully. It expresses the rising energetic power. Overview The word cobra is from Portuguese and means snake. The external appearance in the area of the neck and nape distinguishes the weiterlesen | read more: