Ascendants are purely mathematically the intersection of the eastern horizon with the ecliptic. Depending on the place and time of birth of the horoscope owner, there is one of a total of 12 signs of zodiac on the eastern horizon, which is called the ascendant. Definition Ascendants plays an important role in the interpretation of weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Aries

The Ascendant Aries has a strong personality and a sporty appearance. He leads the line of zodiac signs and is a fighter in real life as well. His strength is to overcome obstacles. Due to his energetic appearance, he encounters resistance from those around him. By overcoming his hurdles, he also expects others to do weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Taurus

The ascendant Taurus stands for the stable values. In the rest lies the strength. Sometimes he needs a push to get him moving. If this is accomplished, he moves with much perseverance and strength. Stress and hectic do not suit him. These contribute to the fact that his mood quickly deteriorates or he verbally attacks weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Gemini

The Ascendant Gemini stands for variety and innovation. He is go-getting in a positive way. He absorbs new knowledge and shares it with the world. It only becomes difficult when he does not check facts and does not question theses. He lets himself be driven by the gifts that life has in store for him. weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Cancer

The Ascendant Cancer brings the emotions into social contacts. It is incumbent upon him to evaluate the world with feelings and understanding. The family with all its needs are important to him. Everyone he likes he meets with sincerity and cordiality. Friendly and loving is his behavior. Self-sacrificing and always with an open ear for weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Leo

The Ascendant Leo loves a true royal appearance. He strives for recognition and fame. His self-promotion attracts the attention of all around him. The closeness of an audience is important to him. Smug and full of grace, he seeks affirmation from other people. His tendency to theatricality does not always win the Ascendant Leo sympathy weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Virgo

The Ascendant Virgo has clear concepts. Governess manners are particularly helpful. Everything that has been tried and tested provides support and security. Spontaneous decisions always want to be well thought out and only take place after the work is done, so as not to cause any disturbances. With diligence and perseverance much can be achieved weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Libra

The Ascendant Libra brings balance into the world. Between two extremes there is always a middle way. This is what the Ascendant Libra seeks and finds. He strives for reconciliation and harmony. He avoids conflicts or final decisions. As soon as give and take are in harmony, he is happy. With a radiance he then weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Scorpio

The Ascendant Scorpio approaches all challenges with full heart and soul. His way of mastering life provides fascination. Everything he does gets under the skin. He always feels deeply and is not satisfied with superficial answers. He probes, asks questions, looks behind the facade and has a sense for situations that do not want to weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Sagittarius

The Ascendant Sagittarius is constantly developing himself and his talents. His striving for success and advancement drive him and let him become better and better. On the way to the goal he observes carefully and memorizes many influencing factors exactly. The Ascendant Sagittarius likes to make social contacts, but he avoids firm ties. These slow weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Capricorn

The Ascendant Capricorn never gives up. He pursues his goals and plans without ceasing and with a lot of discipline. Life follows clear rules and fixed structures. In this way success and recognition show. Changes must first be thoroughly tested before they are integrated into one’s life. Spontaneity or flexibility are the weaknesses in a weiterlesen | read more:

Ascendant Aquarius

The Ascendant Aquarius loves independence. With him it is always varied and interesting. He is a good friend and companion. In groups or in teamwork he flourishes. The Ascendant Aquarius seeks exchange and contact with other people in his environment like no other. Everyone should live as he pleases. According to this motto he aligns weiterlesen | read more: