The bat symbolizes orientation and as a nocturnal animal brings it even in complete darkness. During the day it seeks tranquility and sleep. Overview Bats are native to the world. With the exception of the cold poles as well as islands that are far away from the mainland, they are found in all regions of weiterlesen | read more:


The bear is increasingly being driven out of its familiar environment. In many regions of our planet, he is already no longer to be found. Wherever he is nevertheless sighted, he triggers mixed emotions. It stands for power, courage and strength. At the same time, it is a predator that can instill fear in the weiterlesen | read more:


The beaver knows its way around the water and the edge of the bank. He symbolizes on the energetic level the practical skills, planning and implementation of ideas. Overview The beaver is native to our region. Well camouflaged, it builds tunnels, water castles and winding paths in the water and at the edge of the weiterlesen | read more:


The bee is known as an industrious workhorse. It tirelessly moves from flower to flower and thus plays an essential role in sustaining life. Visually, it is very similar to the wasp and the hornet. In behavior and lifestyle, however, there are clear differences. Overview The bee is found in all warm or moderately warm weiterlesen | read more:


The beetle arouses mixed feelings in its viewers. Many feel enthusiasm or curiosity. On the other hand, he is an unwelcome guest when he crawls over food or his own body. Overview The beetle belongs to the largest class of insects.  Except for Antarctica, it is present on every continent. The best known subspecies in weiterlesen | read more:


The bird is the symbol of freedom and development. It is part of the nature of birds that they can move freely. They bring on the energetic level the soul aspects and the light. Overview Birds are native to all continents of our planet. They have control over the air, are colorful and exist in weiterlesen | read more:

Bird of Prey

The bird of prey brings strength and self-assertion. Likewise, attributes such as ruthlessness and selfishness are attributed to him. Overview Raptors include all bird species from the orders hawk-like, raptors as well as owls. Often the terms bird of prey and raptor are used synonymously. Raptors are so-called griffin killers, because they kill their prey weiterlesen | read more:

Black Redstart

The black redstart is popularly known as the redstart. The small friendly bird is a frequent guest in European gardens. Overview Like the sparrow, the redstart belongs to the sparrow family. It is slightly smaller than the house sparrow and, in addition to its gray plumage, it has a red or red-orange tail in keeping weiterlesen | read more:


The blackbird is a songbird and in everyday life people like to hear it through its sounds. It is often found in parks and public gardens. Overview The blackbird is at home in Europe, Africa and Asia. The songbird prefers the north for nesting. The birds usually leave the north in winter and look for weiterlesen | read more:


Blackfly does not enjoy great popularity among people. It is understood as a warning signal against false friends or guests. Overview Black flies belong to the insects and are subordinated to mosquitoes. Unlike mosquitoes, black flies bite. Accordingly, the small and rather humpbacked looking mosquito is equipped with sharp biting teeth. Originally from Scandinavia, the weiterlesen | read more:


The blowfly indicates the accomplishment of tasks that are considered unpleasant. It warns about mistakes and wants to draw attention to change. Overview The blowfly belongs to the insects and the suborder of flies. Like the superior animals, they can overcome gravity, are considered a nuisance by humans and taste through the feet. The animals weiterlesen | read more:


The buffalo is a very powerful and strong animal. He brings the endurance, strength and perseverance. For him, giving up is not an option. On the contrary, because abundance is achieved with persistence. Overview The quadruped lives in herds on the continents of Africa, America and Asia. Its massive build and shoulders are striking to weiterlesen | read more: